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The Gaia Effect

ISBN – 978-2-896261-132-1

The Gaia Effect: Table of Contents


Foreword by Lee Carroll

From the Author (Preface)


Chapter One: The History of the Earth

What does Science say?


The Indigenous


Chapter Two: Science of the Future

Designer Magnetics

The Missing Laws of Physics

What does Science say?

Here’s what Science is saying about the rotation of our galaxy

Here’s what Science is saying about the laws throughout the universe


Chapter Tree: The Energy Grids of the Earth

The Magnetic Grid

Gaia Grid

The Crystalline Grid

Whales and Dolphins

The Ley Lines of Gaia

A Summary of the Grids


Chapter Four: The Kundalini of the Earth

Kundalini (The Letter K in Kundalini)

Unity (The Letter U in Kundalini)

Notifying Gaia of your Conscious Actions (The Letter N in Kundalini)

Don’t Think Like a Human (The Letter D in Kundalini)

Ascension (The Letter A in Kundalini)

Love (The Letter L in Kundalini)

Intuition (The Letter I in Kundalini)

New Human (The 2nd Letter N in Kundalini)

Illumination (The 2nd Letter I in Kundalini)

The Eagle and the Condor

The Awakening of the Puma

A Summary of the Movement of the Kundalini

Chapter Five: Gaia and the Universe

What does Science say?

Gamma Energy and Gaia

The Magnetics of the Solar System

The Solar System and Astrology

The Pleiadians

Ascended Land of Gaia

Chapter Six: Unsolved Mysteries of Gaia or Part of a System?

Hauntings – Multi-dimensional Information or Trapped Souls?


Extinction of Species

In Closing

The Gaia Effect:

The remarkable system of collaboration between Gaia and Humanity

ISBN – 978-2-896261-132-1

ARIANE EDITIONS Publishing, Montreal Canada

     Have you ever wondered about Earth energies, ley lines, portals, sacred sites, hauntings and more? If so, than this is definitely the book for you. Australian author and naturalist, Monika Muranyi, has compiled everything that Kryon has ever channelled about Gaia! For over 23 years the loving messages of Kryon, as given by Lee Carroll (the original Kryon channel) have become known world-wide. This book represents an amazing job of research that covers many topics that have never before been published by Kryon. Monika’s personal experiences and insights weave together the Kryon teachings and wisdom to present a very unique picture of our origins and why we are here. In addition, she has posed over thirty new questions answered by Kryon. Thanks to her work we now have greater understandings about Earth energies and how these interface with humanity in this first time ever compilation of Kryon material. (Scroll down for the Table of Contents).

Kryon channel at Mount Aconcagua, Argentina

The Gaia Effect

Foreword by Lee Carroll

For a moment we all stood motionless in awe. The air was unusually still for a mountaintop, but soon the intense chilled breath of Mt. Aconcagua in the South American Andes was slowly turning our way. We silently stared at the majestic sight before us. It was the highest mountain in the Andes, and it seemed that we could almost touch the surreal snow-covered summit that shimmered in sunlight before us. Then the cool breeze touched our faces with sweetness, like a gentle sacred message being delivered specifically to our small group.

I sat down on a bolder… there was a pause, and began…  “Greetings Dear Ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.”

The Kryon message that day is in the pages of this book, as well as many other unique Kryon messages that have never been transcribed until now. Many of them were given in some of the most sacred areas of the planet. The common denominator for all of these is that Monika Muranyi was there in person for all of them.

Monika has spent her entire professional life immersed with nature as a Ranger for the government in Australia. As she awakened to spirituality and more esoteric subjects, her passion turned to finding out more about Gaia, the consciousness of the planet. When she discovered Kryon, the light tuned on. Monica wanted to do something that had never been done before: to create a compiled book with everything Kryon has ever channelled about Gaia, and more. She wanted answers to questions that might expose the beautiful workings of the Gaia energy, which she was so in touch with.

What is The Crystalline Grid and how did it get here? What is our creation story, and when was Gaia consciousness aware of humanity? What does Spirit think about the extinction of species? What are portals, nodes, nulls, vortices, vortals and “ascended land”? Her questions were profound and numerous. Within this book there are dozens of questions put to Kryon with answers that nobody has ever seen. I was happy to work on them, for they were questions that had never been asked.

There is a major shift going on within our planet, and the 2012 indigenous prophesies have told us that South America is one of the most profound areas where this shift can be felt. So in preparation for this book, Monika moved from Australia to Chile, learned enough Spanish to live alone in Santiago for a full year, and started compiling the book that is now in your hand. She wanted to be right in the middle of the energy of the GAIA shift!

She plowed through hundreds of Kryon audio channellings, most of which have never been transcribed. She read every Kryon book that might have Gaia information, and attended most Kryon events in South America. The culmination of her work coordinated with the Kryon Kundalini Tour in late 2012. This 19-day tour found our group in sacred energetic places like Mt. Aconcagua, Machu Picchu, and The Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca.

Within the 23 years of my Kryon channelling, nowhere is there a compilation of what Kryon has channelled about a singular subject. With 15 Kryon books in 23 languages,
I have never compiled a summary that was subject-driven like this one.

Now you have in your hands the kind of book I was never able to do.

Thank you, Monika for this very complete information about our beautiful planet.

Lee Carroll

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