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The Human Soul Revealed

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The Human Soul Revealed:

ISBN – 978-2-89626-173-4

About the Artwork

The cover of The Human Soul Revealed was created by Deb DeLisi. Here is her description of her artwork:

“When I tuned into the energy of the Soul, and the energy of the information in this book, I saw a mandala-like geometry: it is what the Soul looks like. Just as you have a unique fingerprint, your Soul has its own geometry, and it moves and flows, changing with movement, and changing with one’s experiences. In my meditation before co-creating this cover art, I saw “THREE” as an important part of the Soul template and relevant to this book. The geometry of the Soul on this cover is based on THREE’S.

There is a subtle Merkabah in the center of the soul geometry. It is 3-sided and with each triangle are three lines creating 3 more triangles—in this case, each Merkabah is made of 6 triangles, not two. These are probably not visible when printed small on this book cover, but it is there in the art and it carries that vibration. There are 3 overlapping oblongs in the geometry and nine overlapping circles around the edge, and 12-petaled very subtle flower-like shape in the center. These are all multiples of 3.

What I found so interesting is that when I looked at the outlines for this book that Monika sent me, there is so much synchronicity in the naming and numbering! The first chapter speaks of the NINE Attributes of the Human Soul. Chapter Two delves into the THREE grids: The Magnetic, The Crystalline and the Gaia Grid. The Third Chapter has three parts to it; as does Chapter Four. And there are SIX total chapters in the book. Even the numbering and naming of the chapters in the book are synchronistic with the THREE’s and convey an energy that begins to integrate with your Soul … before you even read a page!”    

– Deborah DeLisi, artist

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The Human Soul Revealed: Table of Contents


Foreword by Lee Carroll



Chapter One: The Human Soul

The Nine Attributes of the Human Being


Chapter Two: The Gaia Soul Group

The Magnetic Grid (Higher-Self)

The Crystalline Grid

The Cetaceans (Whales and Dolphins)

The Gaia Grid


Chapter Three: The Human Soul Group

Human Consciousness

Higher-Self (Pineal and Intuition)

Innate (Body Intelligence)


Chapter Four: The Core Soul Group

Higher-Self (The Core Self)

Your Guides

Your Soul Split


Chapter Five: Soul Communication


Chapter Six: Soul Journeying

In Closing

About the Author

The Human Soul Revealed:

Unlocking the Mysteries from Beyond

ISBN: – 978-2-89626-255-7

ARIANE EDITIONS Publishing, Montreal Canada

 Have you ever wondered what happens when you die? Do we really have a Soul? If so, where is it and what is it doing? Are some Souls more advanced than others? The answers to these questions and more, are given in this book

The Human Soul Revealed:

Foreword by Lee Carroll

The frontiers of space beckon us with their mystique of vastness and spectacular undiscovered wonders. The oceans of the planet teem with mystery as well, since there is so much yet to be seen and revealed in its depths. History itself is being rediscovered, as we find out that civilization is far older than we thought. What we don’t know is becoming a much larger issue than anyone ever thought!

However, nothing presents a larger area of discovery than the esoteric parts of the Human Being in this new Earth energy. The ones who are awakening the fullest to this concept, are Old Souls. The probability that you are an Old Soul is very high, since you are reading these words. Your interest in the energy today has brought you to this very page.

So, Old Soul, if you have picked up this book, and wondered about what’s in it, we can tell you that the Human Soul is like an undiscovered country. We barely know what it is, or where it is, and the workings of it are a complete mystery. Kryon has even told us that it can’t really be called “The Human Soul!” (We do anyway.)

There is a major shift happening on the planet, and it is beginning to change the very consciousness of humanity. We are moving out of the warring, survival mode, into a wiser place where we will begin to honor life more fully, and create a more benevolent society. It’s a slow process, but 2015 is really the start of a new dispensation of time, and this is also the basis for the calendars of the Ancients, all changing about now. The bottom line: The Soul is awakening, and beginning to show itself more fully.


This particular book begins to examine everything that Kryon has given us within the last three years about the Human Soul. For your benefit, it has been assembled altogether in one place, which means that it’s unique, and current for now. It’s not just a revelation of the attributes of the Soul, but rather, it’s a revelation about the entire Human Being.

What makes this book different than a normal Kryon book, is that there is commentary around the messages of Kryon. The author often gives explanation about the meanings of it all. This is her specialty, pulling scattered information together, so that messages given from all over the world, sometimes out of order, start to make some sense. In addition, Ms. Muranyi was often physically present when many of these channellings were given. This gives her the insight as to hidden unspoken things – sensed information, which Kryon often gives in live channelling, called “The Third Language.”

As you read this book, it’s important for it to make sense. Any doctor will tell you that you can’t study just one organ in the body, even if that’s going to be your specialty. You must understand what is known about the whole body, and all the chemistry that goes with it. So there is much covered here that is what Kryon tells us is needed for us to understand the whole system better. Everything is intertwined in what Kryon has called, the “Soup of the Soul.” This refers to the metaphor of the soup that he often gives: You can’t study one ingredient in the soup, and understand the whole soup. It’s the same with the Soul: Nothing stands alone, in this puzzle of multi-dimensional attributes.

The Soul is everywhere and nowhere, but the concepts of the Soul, as given by Kryon, can be graphed, taught, and studied. This requires that you be exposed to the latest Kryon teachings: “The Nine Attributes of the Human Being,” as well as many recent channellings. Kryon starts to open the jar of knowledge about exactly what the Soul is about, and why it’s being seen as something more special than ever at this time in our consciousness evolution.

Is it possible that the Soul is far more than you thought? Can you communicate with it? Is it a part of you, or apart from you? Could it be that the Soul is split somehow, and that you don’t carry the whole thing? If so, where is the rest of it? These are just some of the questions that are beginning to be answered by Kryon, and THIS is the book that brings it all together!

Lee Carroll

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