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The majority of the information on this website makes an assumption that you are familiar with Kryon. Never heard of Kryon? In simple terms Kryon is a loving entity, channelled by Lee Carroll – the original Kryon channel, that gives empowering messages to humanity that are also profoundly esoteric and spiritual to the max! Lee Carroll has been channelling Kryon since 1989. Want to hear a live Kryon channelling for free?

Check out this link to Lee Carroll’s website:


Monika Muranyi has always had a deep affinity and connection with Gaia, Mother Earth. This led her to university where she obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science degree with Honors at Southern Cross University in New South Wales, Australia. Monika has worked in various national parks within Australia and New Zealand for over fifteen years. Her ideal heaven was to be communing with nature in remote landscapes of breath taking beauty. Following a spiritual awakening she began to explore the deeper mysteries of Gaia and the universe.

This new calling led Monika to move to New Zealand. While in New Zealand she began her training as an accredited Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Balancing Technique TM Practitioner (Phases I to XIII). In 2012 Monika moved to Santiago, Chile so that she could be in a place that vibrates strongly with the Earth’s Kundalini energy. This experience created an opening where Monika developed her spiritual gifts which involved presenting the Kryon work, as given by Lee Carroll, in a totally new way.

Monika Muranyi is the consummate researcher and archivist of the Kryon material. Never before has anyone compiled the Kryon material into subjects and presented them in an easy to read format. Monika has produced a special Kryon trilogy that provides detailed information about three beautiful and profound systems. These three books, The Gaia Effect, The Human Akash, and The Human Soul Revealed, help tie together the complex subject of who we are and why we are here.


Howerver, Monika's most recent book relates to ALL THINGS LEMURIAN, and is titled The Women of Lemuria. Two years in the making, this book is filled with KRYON information never formerly revealed about Lemuria (The continent of MU). With a section by Dr. Amber (Mele'ha) Wolf, creator of The Lemurian Sisterhood, this book is becoming a best-seller! All of Monika’s books include current information never before published in any other Kryon book. In addition, she has posed dozens of questions to Kryon that provide us with greater understandings and new realizations about our esoteric truths.

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