2012 Lemurian Choir Maui Hawaii

In 2001 Dr Todd Ovokaitys began teaching others how to sing the Pineal Tones. What are Pineal Tones? Singing the tones creates a quantum field for health and extended life. It activates the coherence of the pineal gland to serve as a quantum transmitter. Over the next 9 years Dr Todd developed a repertoire of 16 tones. In 2010 Kryon gave instructions to Dr Todd about what to do with the Pineal Tones. Dr Todd was to develop a total of 24 tones and to be sung in 12 pairs and create a choir to sing the tones on the mountain of Hawaii in December 2012, just like that ancient Lemurians used to do 26,000 years ago!

During the Summer Solstice in 2012 over 900 Divine Human Beings from all over the world gathered at the Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa on the island of Hawaii. On December 21, 2012 the Lemurian Choir sang 24 Pineal Tones in specific pairs to transmit a specific quantum signal into the Cosmos. Perhaps you were there? If so, you would have experienced a truly grand event and if not I’m sure you would have felt it. Kryon later stated that Dr Todd’s memory of the tones was “shockingly accurate.”

The specific combination of pairs sung at the Lemurian Choir not only sent a signal to the middle of the galaxy but it sent a signal to awaken your Akash. The purpose of the tones is to also stimulate and release information that is held within the time capsules of Gaia and your Akash (and eventually the whales and dolphins).