2014 Kryon Summer Light Conference Mt Shasta


The very first Kryon Summer Light Conference was held in 1997 at Breckenridge, Colorado. This is Lee Carroll’s flagship event that has happened every year since, except in 2013! 2013 was the Year of Recalibration and Kryon described it as having the energy of a full moon EVERY DAY. Kryon told Lee to skip the annual conference for that year and he did. So in 2014 the Kryon Summer Light Conference was held at magical Mt Shasta where an incredible cast of speakers presented cutting edge information within the shadow of the mountain. Among the mix of guest speakers were Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton. Kryon has said that 2014 is Year One. What does that mean? It means that our planet has passed a marker and we are beginning a new era of humanity. Human history prior to 2013 will be seen as a barbaric culture filled with war, hatred and violence. Collectively we are ready to create an ascended planet and individually we are planting the seeds of peace, one lightworker at a time.