2012 Kryon Kundalini Tour


One of my highlights of living in Chile was participating in the Kryon Kundalini Tour. This was probably the most fast paced Kryon tour ever! The best thing was that we got to visit some of the most profound, sacred places on the planet AND listen to a Kryon channel while we were there. The audio’s for these channels can be found on Lee Carroll’s website but the fully transcribed channels feature in my book The Gaia Effect. I would love you to take a moment to look at these photo’s, especially when you are reading the channelled messages that took place at the exact spot the photo was taken. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I feel this true and that as you look upon the images of Gaia know that Gaia remembers you and knows who you are. Your presence blesses the planet with each step you take and the planet in return blesses you.