2013 Compassion Choir Cancun Mexico


In December 2013 over 300 people gathered from all over the world at the Moon Palace Resort, Cancun Mexico. We were there to sing the Pineal Tones, as created by Dr Todd Ovokaitys to send compassion into the Crystalline Grid of Gaia. The tones sung by the Lemurian Choir in Maui in 2012 was described as putting the key in the lock to open access to all the time capsules of Gaia. Turning the key in the lock stimulated the 12 “time capsules” in the grid, enabling them, and preparing them to be opened and activated. This event was also the catalyst for Kryon to reveal information about the nodes and nulls of the planet. Kryon has since revealed that there are 12 major time capsules on the planet. The Lemurian Choir sung the tones at a time capsule found with the matching node and null pair of Maui, Hawaii and Tibesti Mountains, Chad Africa.

During the 2013 Kryon Kundalini Tour a significant and profound event occurred. This event was the fulfillment of the ancient prophecy of the Eagle meeting the Condor, restoring balance on the planet. A balance of the masculine and the feminine. The Kryon channel at Lake Titicaca, Bolivia was preceded by a ceremony and chant from Kahuna Kalei’iliahi. Kryon stated that the energy of the 900 Lemurian Choir singers was imbued into Kahuna Kalei’iliahi so that she could bring that energy to the event. This event opened the time capsule held within the matched node and null pair of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia and Mt Kailash, Tibet.

The Compassion Choir therefore sung the Pineal Tones to send compassion into the planet to enhance the speed of the earth’s vibration increase. It took place on a time capsule held within the matching node and null pair of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico and Mt Kiliminjaro, Tanzania Africa. This was the third time capsule to be opened. Kryon has said that every single time we put the Pineal Tones together and sing them there is elevated purpose.