2013 Kryon Kundalini Tour


The 2013 Kryon Kundalini Tour was filled with surprises. One of the attendees was none other than Kahuna Kalei’iliahi! Everywhere we went we had Guillermo Urbaneja and Kahuna Kalei’iliahi performing profound ceremonies before the Kryon channel. The shaman from the south and the shaman from the north was fulfilling the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. We visited two nodes and a null, where met by four of the 33 Miners that were rescued in Chile during 2010 (an event that changed the planet) and the highlight was opening one of Gaia’s time capsules at Lake Titicaca. This node pairs with the null, Mt Kailash, Tibet and our opening of the time capsule was exactly as the prophecy had stated and done during the year of the six (2013 adds up to six). In classic numerology the number six represents communications, harmony, balance and love! Each one of us on that tour has forever been transformed and no doubt those who joined us via the posted audio channels shared our experiences.