2018 Kryon UK Tour


The Kryon UK Tour was done in two sections - northern England & Scotland; and southern England. We felt the energies of many stone circles, visited castles, chapels, and historic sites and heard profound messages from Kryon about many subjects such as stone circles, crop circles, the Legend of King Arthur and the hero's story, and about Jesus. Some of the highlights include Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury, Castlerigg Stone Circle, Rosslyn Chapel, and West Kennet Long Barrow. And of course, along the way there was a Kryon Seminar in Edinburgh, Scotland and Bath, England. Special thanks to Glenn and Cameron Broughton from Journeys with Soul Tours. Their knowledge of the ancient sacred sites, ley lines, stone circles and their intuition and warm, open-hearted love and passion made this tour unforgettable.