2015 Kryon Kundalini Tour


The 2015 Kryon Kundalini Tour began in La Paz, Bolivia and officially ended in Cusco, Peru. We visited the ceremonial center of Tiahuanaco and saw the main constructions including the Kalasasaya temple, the Gate of the Sun, the monoliths Ponce and Fraile, and the Akapana pyramid. The next day we journeyed across Lake Titicaca to the Island of the Sun where we climbed the Inca Steps and enjoyed the views. Following ceremony with a Shaman we continued our journey, ending up in Cusco for a city tour. Waking up to clear skies we enjoyed looking out upon the Sacred Valley, visiting the markets and Inca Villages before spending the night in Aguas Calientes. Our highlight was visiting Machu Picchu and experiencing the wonderful energies emanating from the mountain. Travelling to Cusco again we enjoyed a final meeting before braving the elements and a torrential downpour at Sacsayhuaman.