2014 Celebration Choir Mt Shasta


During the last channel of the Kryon Summer Light Conference, given in Mt Shasta (a node), the matching paired null was identified as Mt Ararat, Turkey. The channelled message from Kryon talked more about the push-pull energy that exists within the galaxy. There is a benevolent push-pull energy that is transmitted from the Great Central Source to the planets of free choice, which have gone into ascension status. Every planet with ascension status has the ability to receive this energy. Kryon said that planet Earth has been like a pressure cooker without a receiver. In other words, the energy of the planet simply stagnated on itself, without any new information being given, or ways to vent the old. We had to pass a marker in a certain time and consciousness before our Earth’s receivers could pop up and start the push-pull process. This is why the twelve pairs of nodes and nulls have been identified.

Following the Kryon Summer Light Conference was the Divine Celebration Choir, again led by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. Kryon said we needed a certain percentage of the matched node/null pairs to be identified and opened before any of them could be activated and come “online” to receive quantum transmissions of energy from the Great Central Source, and push them to Humanity. The Celebration Choir in Mt Shasta therefore activated all four pairs of the previously identified nodes and nulls (time capsules).