2013 Kryon Gaia Global Consciousness Retreat


The first Kryon Gaia Global Consciousness Retreat took place in 2013. The location was Cancun, Mexico and the idea for this new type of retreat was created by Jorge Bianchi and Lee Carroll. The intention is to create these unique retreats each year at one of Gaia’s special and sacred sites. The retreat at Cancun, Mexico began with an excursion to Chichen Itza where we visited the iconic Maya ruins. A highlight was the Kryon channel in the afternoon. During the two half-day seminars Lee and Jorge presented information on humanity and Gaia, Peggy Phoenix Dubro shared her waves and other speakers like Guillermo Urbaneja and Dr. Amber Wolf gave guided meditations. The retreat was blessed with the ceremonies given by two powerful female shamans: Kahuna Kalei’iliahi from Hawaii and Shaman Samia Dabbah from Mexico. The last day of the retreat was filled with adventure. We visited the Maya ruins at Coba, experienced a tropical downpour, we were welcomed to a traditional Maya village, took part in a wedding ceremony performed by Kahuna Kalei'iliahi and received a final channel from Kryon.