2019 Kryon Egypt Tour


Exhilarating, expansive, enriching, exhausting, and empowering are just some of the words that come to mind about this second Kryon Egypt Tour. The first section involved an epic climb up Mt. Sinai to witness an early morning sunrise, just like Moses did thousands of years ago. We then explored the Giza plateau - home of the pyramids and the Sphinx. Following these intense days we found ourselves adrift on the Upper Nile and experienced a deep connection with Nubians. The final stage of this tour was cruising the Lower Nile. Some of the highlights of the many places visited include the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid, private time with the Sphinx, Abu Simbel Temple, Temple of Isis, Kom Ombo Temple, Edfu Temple, Valley of the Queens and Kings, Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple Complex, the Hathor Temple at Dendarah, and the Temple at Abydos. Throughout this tour we encountered the Ancients and discovered more about their understandings of life and core truths about ascension and enlightenment. All of this was enhanced by beautiful, uplifting, and loving messages of Kryon, through Lee Carroll, and Adironnda, through Marilyn Harper.